Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings
Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings
Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings
Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings
Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings
Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings

Agapé Studio

Agapé Studio Cléon Earrings

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Color Gold


Extravaganza above all was the main culprit of the rich and powerful Romans. When women wanted to express their lavish style, they would wear such designs as part of their accessories.


- 24K sustainable gold plated earrings (gilding: satin)
- Ethically made in France in Agapé Studio's Parisian workshop
- Water-resistant
- No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead-free)
- Delivered in a vegan leather pouch with its gift box


- Height: 3 cm (1.18")

Agapé Studio

Sustainability + Ethics

Agapé Studio knows there's enough gold, gemstones, and metals already produced on our fragile planet. Instead of creating more for their opulent and minimalist-yet-extravagant pieces of jewelry, they source their gold from sustainable, recycled batches of gold that do not take away the lavish look but are kind to our Planet Earth.

The brass base Agapé Studio uses is also sustainably supplied with a guarantee that it contains no allergens.

They use vegan leather pouches when packing the products because Agapé Studio believes in eco-friendly materials that cause no harm to the Earth or its beings.

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Agapé Studio's

Jewelry Care Guide

-Put on your jewelry after you've applied perfume or other alcohol-containing chemical products / cosmetics. This minimizes the risk of tarnishing the gilding and potential scratches.

-Take off your jewelry before bed to avoid entangling or scratches.

-Use a soft, dry cloth to clean from time to time. When done repeatedly, this is enough to revive its golden glimmer.

-When a more thorough cleaning is needed, soak the item in warm water with a little diluted dish soap and use a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove any dirt. After cleaning, ensure the items are thoroughly dry by patting them with paper towels.

-When traveling or not wearing the jewelry, keep it in its protective vegan leather pouch. To keep your necklaces or bracelets from entangling, store them in the pouch with their ends peeking outside. Jewelry twists from the ends, so keeping them separated prevents it.

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