Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine
Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine
Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine
Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine
Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine
Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine

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Birthstone Necklace - Aquamarine

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We all know and are perfectly aware of the horoscope we are linked to you know your birthstone? According to your month of birth, you are bound to a natural stone with very different and special properties. In this case, the Aquamarine Chalcedony is a soothing stone and in turn, will give you courage for your daily life. Pisces tend to exist emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively rather than intellectually. A Pisces has a calm, patient and kind personality. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and respond with sympathy and tact.


- Stone: Aquamarine chalcedony
- Finishing: 24 K gold
- Hypoallergenic
- Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. It is of volcanic origin, with multiple varieties and colors. In ancient times, it represented the elements air and water. It is the stone of generosity, it harmonizes body and mind. It has deposits all over the planet, the most important ones being in Brazil and India; and in Spain, in Galicia and Aragon.

Sizing + Fit

- Measurements: 40 cm + 5 cm regulation

Sustainability + Ethics

- Made in Spain
- Lavani's jewelry is produced in local workshops in Spain. They strive to be a zero-waste company - every piece they make is sold, recycled, or reinvented.

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