Lavani Jewels Olivia Pendant Necklace

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The Olivia necklace features a rectangular design with precious stones set inside, held by a fine chain that can be adapted to any type of neck.

- Stones: Blue Topaz, Moonstone & Zirconia
- Finishing: 22 K gold
- Hypoallergenic
- Zirconite is a gemstone with macroscopic properties similar to those of diamond, especially in transparency. It is one of the cubic forms of zirconium oxide, with high hardness. Because it resembles the diamond so closely, it was associated with wisdom and distinction.
- Topaz is a fluoride hydroxide crystal, found in quartz at high temperatures and in granite cavities. It is highly transparent, with a glassy lustre and a very hard stone, and has no industrial uses, only as a gemstone. It can be found all over the world, including flawless specimens weighing over 200 kg. It is believed that topaz captures its energy from sunlight. It can range from transparent to yellow, to pink and red tones. The best known is Blue topaz, which is also believed to have lunar connections, as it curiously changes its colour potency with the cycle of the moon.
- Moonstone belongs to the silicate group and is found in plutonic rocks. It is strongly linked to the moon and intuition. In the interior of the stone, there are thin layers of orthoclase and albite arranged one on top of the other, which gives it its beautiful lustre. Light strikes the thin layers scattering it in a phenomenon known as adularescence.

- Made in Spain
- Lavani's jewelry is produced in local workshops in Spain. They strive to be a zero-waste company - every piece they make is sold, recycled, or reinvented.

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